Miley’s Tattoos

1) “Just Breathe” on the left side of her ribcage; this was Miley’s first tattoo and she got it in memory of her pappy who died of lung cancer, and a friend who passed away from cystic fibrosis. (2009)


2) The word “LOVE” in her right ear (2010)


3) a heart on her pinky finger; several of her family members including Tish & Trace also have this tatt. (2010)


4) a cross on the inside of one finger (2011)


5) a peace side on the inside of another finger (2011)


6) the word “karma” on another finger (2011)


7) Equality symbol tattoo that she got to show her support for gay marriage (2011)


8) Dreamcatcher 
tattoo on her right side; each feather is supposed to represent one of Miley’s siblings. (late 2010)

9) An anchor on her right arm to “keep her grounded” (Miley’s friend/make-up artist, Denika, has a similar tattoo) (2011)

10) “OM” symbol on her left arm (2011)

11)  Mexican “Día de Muertos” skull on her foot (Liam has a matching one) (2011)

12) The words “love never dies” on her right inner bicep (2012)

13) An eye-looking symbol on her forefinger [probably a Nazar amulet(2012)

14)  Roman numerals XIIXCI on her right forearm near her inner elbow area (2012)

15) "So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat", a quote from President Theodore Roosevelt on her left arm. (2012)

16) Michael Jackson’s BAD logo (2012)

17) Double arrows crossed on the back of her right arm (a friendship symbol) 2013

18) a Kat Von D rendition of Leonardo da Vinci’s heart drawings (2013)

19) A tooth on Miley’s right arm (2013)

20) a portrait tattoo of Miley’s mammie on her right arm (2013)

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